Sunday, April 18, 2010

A new jujyfruit flavor?

I was musing about the possibility of cinnamon jujyfruits the other week and I'd like to explain why.  A friend had dropped off three boxes of cinnamon flavored candy to sample and clear my palate of my usual jujy diet.

One box was Good and Fiery, a Good and Fruity variety that is, itself, a Good and Plenty knockoff.  I'm big fan of Good and Plenty and I thank Hershey's for not ruining the original recipe.  I can't say the same for Good and Fruity.  This recipe changed sometime in the late 80s early 90s and I much prefer the original.  I've never had Good and Fiery before but it's Good and Fruity with a cinnamon candy inserted into the mix.  The candy is strongly flavored but overly sweet for my taste.  Hardly fiery but they have a good enough cinnamon bite.  I would be happy with just the cinnamon ones, but the others added some variety to what is basically a one-note candy.

One box was Mike and Ike's Hot Tamales.  There's not much to say about these.  They taste like cinnamon but hardly in a "hot" sense.  There's no variation in this box, they all taste the same.

The third box was Chewy Atomic Fireballs.  I like the original hard ones, naturally, but these had a robust punch.  Trust Ferrera Pan to make the perfect cinnamon candy.  The company invented Atomic Fireballs and you can trust them to deliver what they promise.

If Heide would take a lesson from Ferrara Pan, a cinnamon jujyfruit would be worth the R&D.  Of course, Jujyfruits are probably making fine profit margins with no advertising as they are.  The last flavor  change didn't do the candy any credit (green candies from mint to lime) so there's probably little point in changing the red candies from raspberry to cinnamon.

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  1. I thought that I noticed a change in Good & Fruity! They used to be really good.

    Nice blog, by the way. Jujyfruits are some of my favorite candy, especially when they've been sitting in a warm car and have become soft (but not so soft as to actually melt everywhere).


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