Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jujyfruit corn

Even though I know all the Jujyfruit shapes and what they are supposed to represent, even I get confused, especially when the shapes are matched with Jujyfruits’ random color assignment.  I often see references to jujyfruit corn when surfing the internet and one of the popular search terms that lead to this site is “jujyfruit corn.”

There is no corn jujyfruit.  The asparagus is often confused with corn because it has little nodules on one end that can be confused with kernels, but they are supposed to represent the leaflets that run along aspargus stems.  Jujy asparagus ends in a few fronds that are supposed to look like the stalks as they reach the leafy vegetable tips.  People mistake this part for corn silk and, I agree, the whole candy does look like corn if you use your imagination to struggle to find something recognizable.  It’s tough to sculpt convincing asparagus out of a jelly mold that’s a hair short of an inch long.  It’s asparagus.
I pulled out a yellow grape bundle and I thought it was corn until I realized that Jujyfruits don’t come in corn shapes.  The grapes look like kernels though they are more rounded than corn kernels would be.  They are also elongated, that is, only the top of the candy is rounded.  It’s a three dimensional sculptrure of a grape bunch.  It only resembles grapes if put on a table top and veiwed straight down.  
As usual, I would like to point out that Jujyfruits contain no vegetable flavorings.   Green aspagaus tastes like lime.  Yellow grapes taste like lemon.

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  1. I was just in a debate about whether they were pineapple, corn, or theatre marquee shaped and this was EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE!

    Oh man. This is the best blog I have ever seen.


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