Sunday, January 31, 2010

Another Jujyfruit recipe

The Jujy Paradox is that though they are shaped like vegetables as well as fruit, no individual Jujyfruit is anything other than sweet.  Being what they are, they are sweet like candy.  
Consider the first two ingredients: corn syrup and sugar.  It’s these that give 40 grams of Jujyfruits their 120 calorie punch.  40 grams is the average weight of 16 randomly selected Jujyfruits.  Banana and grape Jujyfruits weigh in on the slightly lighter side.  Aspargus, the pea pod, and pineapple appear to top the scale, with tomato and raspberry falling in the middle.  
Ingredients numbers five and six are white mineral oil and carnauba wax.  These make Jujyfruits resistant to dissolving in water.  It is this characteristic that comes into play for this recipe. 
Mrs. Alfred Sumwater of Haymarket, VA, writes in that she uses Jujyfruits to sweeten and flavor her tea.  “I’m not a tea connoisseur, by any means,”  Mrs. Sumwater reports.  “With our budget and what’s available at the local supermarket, we get by with generic tea bags or sometimes Red Rose.  I’m not complaining but drinking the same thing day after day gets boring somedays.  I use Jujyfruits to add variety to my teacup.
“I use two Jujyfruits per cup of tea.  I put them in the cup before I add the teabag and water.  I steep the tea for about a minute, dunking the bag for the duration until I remove it.  If I poke the Jujyfruits on the bottom of the cup with my spoon, their consistency hasn’t altered much at this point.  My tea tastes very faintly of sugar and fruit flavor.  By the end of the cup, the last sip is more fruity than tea flavored, almost like a bottled ice tea from the gas station (but not as cold).  That last sip can be a real pucker-upper.”
Mrs. Sumwater goes on to say that the Jujyfruits never really dissolve and she doesn’t normally eat them but either reuses the remainder for her next cup of tea or discards them.  “I can’t be eating Jujyfruit every time I have a cup of tea,” she says, “I’m on a diet.”

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